“An exciting time of change and growth” for Wesley College

“An exciting time of change and growth” for Wesley College

Wesley College principal Brian Evans shares his thoughts about Paerata Rise and the development’s exciting future

Brian Evans, who took up the role of school principal at Wesley College at the beginning of this year, took a moment out of his busy schedule to speak about Paerata Rise.

“Since 2015, Wesley College has grown significantly in academic performance, number of students and is successfully moving into the new co-ed era. Having begun my time at the school late last year, it quickly became apparent that this is an exciting time of change and growth at Wesley.

As Paerata Rise continues to develop before our very eyes, it’s fascinating to watch the landscape surrounding Wesley College actively grow and offer opportunity with to the school and to new families who may move in to the area.

Wesley College has such a unique character. Since stepping in to the role, I’ve enjoyed the sense of togetherness encouraged by morning song, prayer and reflection. The staff and students have been terrific since I started and we’re very much looking forward to welcoming our new neighbours.”

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