What's in a name?

What's in a name?

Paerata Rise is set to be a new community, but how much thought goes in to a name?

Grafton Downs spent quite some time discussing the name of the new community. We believe that the people of Paerata form a unique community who need to be well-informed when it comes to our development. The wider community has played a large part in our analysis of potential names.

Wesley College is proud to be an identifiable landmark both in the community of Paerata as well as in the wider Auckland region. Wesley Paerata was a placeholder name used for the new town development until Grafton Downs consulted to find a name that suited both the site and the vision for the development.

After careful consideration and consultation with the Grafton Downs board, iwi, and some key local people, we have decided to call the new town development Paerata Rise.

We believe that Paerata Rise is a marketing name that incorporates the existing community of Paerata yet differentiates the development from the original established settlement through the use of the word ‘rise’.

We believe ‘rise’ is an appropriate word to feature in the name of the new town development due to its relevance to the meaning of Paerata in te reo, that is, ‘horizon of the rata’. It was important to us that the name was in keeping with, as well as inclusive of, the area’s heritage.

- Grafton Downs 

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