Paerata Rise

Paerata Rise offers you a unique opportunity to purchase a home in a new community that offers the best of rural and urban living.  Paerata Rise will be comprised of approximately 4,500 houses that are built on the firm foundations of the Wesley College Trust and Grafton Downs’ commitment to community ethics and modern innovation.  Paerata Rise is a solid and secure new subdivision in the Auckland Region that will appeal to everyone - from young families to empty nesters.

Wesley College has been at the heart of the Paerata community for almost a century. The college’s sense of history informs the decisions it makes in regard to planning for the long-term future of Paerata Rise. Wesley College is heavily invested in creating a community that will be loved by future generations.

Who We Are

Grafton Downs Ltd

Grafton Downs Ltd is a charitable company within the Methodist Church of New Zealand and will be guiding the development of Paerata Rise. It is founded on the same community-based spirit and values as Wesley College.

Grafton Downs Ltd decided to set its sights beyond designing a sub-division.  Grafton Downs is drawing from its considerable heritage in the Franklin area and designing a community. Leading consultants from New Zealand and San Francisco have been retained to help make this vision a reality.

People are firmly at the centre of all of Grafton Downs planning decisions.  The development will work with the natural landscape of the local area, amenities will provide opportunities for education, work and fun, and community spaces will facilitate interaction. 

Paerata Rise is a unique community being developed on land owned by Wesley College Trust Board and Grafton Downs Limited and previously operated as a dairy farm. Grafton Downs Ltd is a joint venture company set up as a charitable company, charged with the development and sale of the land. The Trust is very clear on having Paerata Rise uphold the values of putting people and community first.  Establishing a vibrant, supportive community and focusing on what people need in their home surroundings is front and centre of every decision in the planning process. 

Paerata Rise will be a desirable place to live, work, relax and visit.

‘We want to have design, space and quality in our new town.’
– Chris Gregory, Chair, Grafton Downs Ltd.

Wesley College Trust 

Wesley College, New Zealand’s oldest registered school was founded on community spirited values.  The College has been providing quality education and opportunity for underprivileged students since 1844.  Many of these students have gone on to achieve outstanding success in a variety of fields with the support of the College.

At the heart of the Paerata Rise project is Wesley College. The College has a long history of investment in the Franklin area, having moved to Paerata in 1922; their priority is to build for the long term.  

For more detail about the school, please visit the Wesley College website.

The History 

Grafton Downs and Wesley College are engaged in this project to continue their legacy of philanthropy whilst adapting to the challenges of 21st-century living.

The directive is to secure the future of Wesley College as well as to create new opportunities for future generations.

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